Research Paper topics: 40 ideas to start you off

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Research Paper Topics
Research Paper Topics


Research papers with catchy research paper topics are academic piece of writings that require the independent and in-depth examination of a specific topic, an analysis of the findings and reports the unique results if said examination. Research papers are a very common assignment given on all academic levels particularly high school and college. states that you will be required to write research papers, yes plural, in both levels of education. That’s why homeworkhelp 101 is here for you. You could simply tell us to write your research paper here instead of having to go through the stress. 

The first and hardest task in research paper writing is finding a suitable topic. There are times when topics are provided and all you have to do is choose one that you like. Easy,  right? Wrong!  There are hundreds of topics to choose from and most students don’t know where to begin. It is less problematic if you have help from reliable professionals such as homeworkhelp 101.

There are a few factors to consider before settling on a good research paper topic. lists these factors as the course for which the paper is assigned, a specified topic assigned by the instructor, your level of freedom to choose a topic etc. There are many fields in which research papers can be based on. Namely law, medicine, education, culture, history, ethnicity, IT and technology- clearly the list is endless.

It is important to have a complete understanding of what a research paper is and what is expected of you. If you are having trouble narrowing down on topic choice there are a few suggestions you could look into to help you.

  • Consult your instructor. Your instructor is likely to have some very helpful tips to guide you through the selection. According to, you can inquire with other academic staff or graduate students for a few ideas.
  • Browse through published journals, books and research papers.
  • Go through professional and government publications for research topic ideas.
  • You can visit the library and go through their catalog

Once you have decided on the topic you can now focus on conducting your research and writing an impeccable paper on the topic. Since you have the tips on how to go about finding a suitable topic for your paper we’ll look into a few sample topics which will hopefully make your task simpler.

In this paper we’ll look into 40 suitable topics from various fields to get you started on your research paper:

Research Paper Topics

  1. The impact of media on the fight for gender equality.
  2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Planned Parenthood. What are its implications on projected population growth in the world?
  3. The impact of the Trump presidency on the socio-economical well being of the United States
  4. The impact of the trump presidency on the relations of the USA and the world at large.
  5. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Affordable Care Act in the health sector. Has its inception brought about any significant change to the lives of the ordinary American?
  6. The impact of BREXIT on the European Union and its allies.
  7. Contributions of social media to the moral decadence in the world today.
  8. Compare and contrast the impact of social media to the economic development of developing countries vs. developed countries.
  9. The emergence and re-emergence of superpowers and their impact on world trade.
  10. Discuss the rise of crypto currencies and their role in the socio-economical growth of the UK.
  11. What measures can be put in place towards the recovery of the education sector post Covid-19?
  12. Compare and contrast the traditional education system, homeschooling and e-learnig adopted during the Covid-19 epidemic.
  13. The pros and cons of organ donation. Does it add to the quality of life?
  14. Should the death penalty be reinstated? Give examples of countries that have legalized the death penalty. Are their crime rates any lower?
  15. The importance of prison reforms.
  16. How has globalization contributed to human trafficking?
  17. Affirmative action. Are we doing enough?
  18. Discuss the social benefits of diversity in developing countries.
  19. Discuss the advantages ad disadvantages of providing sex education in high schools. In what way does sex education impact teenage pregnancy?
  20. Examine 3 dietary regimens. Carefully explain their pros and cons. Do they have any impact on weight loss?
  21. What are the mental health issues faced by Government assisted refugees and in what ways can the government assist them in treating these issues.
  22. The greenhouse effect and ways in which we can all effect change.
  23. Discuss the benefits of nuclear energy. Should we rely more on it and why
  24. How to enforce parental control on children’s access to the internet.
  25. How does technology and especially mobile phones affect productivity in the office
  26. Effects of social media on human relations.
  27. Artificial intelligence vs. human labour. What are the pros and cons of each?
  28. The efficacy of affirmative action and diversity in the workplace : developed countries
  29. Adoption as an alternative for parenting for gay couples.
  30. Discuss the involvement of the USA in global conflicts.
  31. Surrogacy and its implications on different cultural beliefs.
  32. The rate of increase of mental health issues on our youth today.
  33. The impact of technological advancement on the right of privacy for every individual.
  34. Demystifying vaccinations, the importance of vaccines and their impact on the health of our populations.
  35. Assisted suicide as an alternative treatment for terminal illnesses.
  36. Global conflict; the rise of terrorists groups and their impact o world peace.
  37. Discuss the similarities and differences in monotheistic cultures across the world.
  38. The impact of gender discrimination on employee performance and satisfaction in the workplace.
  39. How the Covid pandemic has affected SMEs in developing countries vs. developed countries.
  40. What factors contribute to increased pressure on performance of overqualified athletes leading to doping?

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